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New Home, New Tasting Look

After a long process of plastering, sanding, flooring, plumbing, electric-"ing" and hitting our thumbs with hammers, we have come to the conclusion that we should stick to being Chefs and not delve into the depths of trying new skills without having a professional on hand (or a medic)

Anyway 2 months after getting our keys, we are in!! And it looks great!

Still has some small bits that needs finishing off but the most important part, the kitchen, is done and we are already getting the prep done.

We are still in Carlisle, well, just round the corner from our last unit to be fair.

So if you have a tasting coming up for your big day make sure to double check you have the latest address - I shall email with it anyway just in case. Look forward o welcoming you in our new pad!!

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