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Food Preparation





Cheesy Chips

Triple cooked chips, Parmesan, curry sauce

Crab Cakes

Thai dressed chicory, sweet chili sauce

Pork Belly

Sweetcorn puree, black pudding

Smoked Mackerel Pate

Sour dough, mojo Verde

Sausage Roll

Handmade pork sausage roll, caramelized onion, homemade ketchup

Salad of Pear and Squash

Poached pear, roasted squash, kale, dressing

Cumbrian Beef Fillet

Served pink, fondant potato, cavolo nero, onion puree

Lamb Shank

Creamy mash, cabbage, served in a bread bowl

Roasted Chicken Supreme (GF)

Herb roasted fondant & Merlot Vinegar

Seared Duck breast (GF)

Spring greens & Gooseberry Sauce

Grilled Seabass Fillet (GF)

Charred broccoli & Brown butter sauce

Curried Monkfish Tail (GF)

Spiced Mussels, cauliflower & Spinach

Tagliatelle of Wild Mushrooms (VG)

Rocket, truffle & Parmesan (V)

Pea & Garlic Risotto (VG)

Sherry Dressing

Banana Katsu (V)

Spiced caramel Sauce

Lemon Tart

Chantilly cream

Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate sauce


Tuille & Chocolate sauce

Sticky Toffee Pudding (V)

Vanilla ice Cream

Salted Caramel & Chocolate Tart

Vanilla ice Cream

Toffee Apple Bread & Butter Pudding (V)

Fresh cream

Optional additions
Chef selection of canapes £4.00 per head
Cumbrian Cheese Platter £5.00 per head
Coffee & Mints course £3.00 per head

All dishes can be tailored to cater for all allergens
Allergens are to be included with pre order
Nuts are NOT used within this menu

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